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Although I use a number of external sources here, most of this comes from my own observations.

Oh boy, it's been a while since I've written a political/social issues journal entry. But screw that, this needs to be said!

About a week or two ago, I saw a childish, obnoxious portrayal of feminism:
Feminism by zhuzhu

And then I was like "Eat this!":…
Deviantart on Feminism by scythemantis
(Note: Scythemantis is a fantastic artist with an amazing eye for horror; check him out!)

Also, :iconscythemantis: posts a myriad of facts and valid points in the comment thread link above the thumbnail. Too bad the people we argued with refused to catch on.

Two DA members :iconxebes: & :iconmatthew-lane: were angry that I posted, calling me a "bigot" against men and "men's rights"
. They insult Scythemantis in the same manner too.

Holy shit, one DA member I argued with compared the feminist movement in general to the KKK (because "there are starving white men and women out there in the world.")…

...Apparently, this dirt bag thinks that people working for equal rights regardless of their sex deserve to be seen as similar to a violent, hate-fueled white supremacist gang (who were actually founded by a bunch of pissed off Confederates after the south lost the U.S. Civil War).

In case some folks forgot (like the two assholes I argued with in the links above), THIS is why feminism exists! :………………………

Frankly, I’m sick of the arrogant pissants who turn their noses up at feminism like it’s something nasty instead of activism for justice and equality.

“Oh? You’re a feminist? You must really hate men or something, huh? Or are you one of those hypocrites who want special treatment?”

There are still idiots out there who automatically think feminism is a form of misandry (the general hatred of men), or general hypocrisy.

Feminists do not hate men, nor do they think women are superior to men.

Misandrists hate men, and hypocrites hide behind feminism in a poor attempt to appear legitimate.

Make an effort to learn the differences before making an inaccurate generalization.

There are also different types of feminism, such as liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, social feminism, and third-wave feminism— all of which are valid to a degree. Heck, there are even more subtypes under those. Not to mention traits of the main types overlap, but each type approaches feminism from a different perspective. Some are more effective than others, however.

The saddest thing is when someone tries to point out the difference between regular types of feminism (i.e. liberal, third-wave, Marxist etc.) and extreme types/examples, they'll probably slap your points with a no true Scotsman fallacy or something. Meanwhile, people negatively generalize feminism all the time.

I am not using a "no-true Scotsman fallacy", because the genuine definition of feminism is: an ideology that works toward basic equality and fair/ethical treatment for both men AND women.

Stop the doublethink!………………………

And to the idiots who say "we don’t need feminism", look at how women and girls are treated in India, China, Africa, and the Middle East.

We still live in a world where there are child brides, dowries, "gender-cide", sexual slavery, female genital mutilation... what am I missing here?

In Uganda, nearly 300 teenaged girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram for the "crime" of receiving an education. And the leaders plan to sell them into slavery (sexual or otherwise).

Look at Saudi Arabia. Women are not allowed to go out in public without their husband, or their brother, and several quack clerics tried to make an excuse that their religion does not allow them to drive. When Saudi women stood up for themselves, they were threatened by cowards……………………

Remember, folks!
This is Feminism by Artbymoga You might be a feminist...Over the past few months, I have seen some scathing attacks by both men and women on feminism become highly popular deviations with thousands of “faves” here on :devart:.
The one thing they all had in common appears to be a significant lack of understanding about what feminism is, and many of the comments supported these misconceptions. In many cases, they were a response to a perceived injustice by a so-called feminist (who probably did not have have a clue about feminism either) hiding behind the term to support said injustice.
"The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion but rather to know it." - Andre Maurois
I recently tried to explain this to another deviant, as a reply to one of these popular rants, that this is akin to saying that Christianity is all about eradicating Islam, or Islam is based on eradicating Christianity; anyone who makes such a statement is obviously misguided, and does not


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